Jeremy Wynn


Creating a Feed for a Git-based CMS with Nuxt

Creating a feed (RSS, Atom, JSON) for a static Nuxt-based website can be done even if the items you are looking to put into the feed don't come from an API.

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A crazy adventure with CORS, Nuxt, and Webmentions

I had a rather difficult time with something that I thought was rather straightforward. It was because I encountered the problem that developers have dreaded for eons: CORS

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Using Netlify Identity in a Vue SPA without localStorage

Setting up Netlify Identity for authentication in a Vue app is easy but using localStorage to hydrate authentication state on reload is probably not the best thing to do for production.

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Vuex in Nuxt: Going from Classic store mode to Modules

Going from using the Classic Vuex store mode in Nuxt to Modules involves more than just separating code, and I've encountered some things along the way.

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